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Instantly Become An Ultimate Prank Caller

Send & Share Automatic Prank Calls to Your Friends and Family Anonymously - With the Push of a Button!

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We bring you the funniest prank call scripts on the planet!

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Our Speech Recognition Technology Automates Prank Calls...

so well that it fools people that they're speaking with a real live human!


Silence Detection

Our algorithm detects when the prospect stops talking


Real Time Analysis

Ownage Pranks App analyses speech in real time and recognizes spoken keywords


AI Response

Our AI plays the right response at the right time to make the call sound real


Get your daily fix of Funny

Easily browse and listen to the top prank calls. They're hand picked and featured daily.

Users can submit their funniest calls to our Hall Of Fame.


Tons of hilarious scripts for every Situation

Our hugh library of pranks has a prank for every scenario.

  • ‘Neighbor’ asking for WiFi password
  • Disgruntled Uber driver arrives early
  • Oops, mailman gave me your package
  • And more...

Listen and records pranks LIVE

You can choose to record the call audio, your video reaction, or a video of the person being pranked!

Share the reactions with your friends and family to spread the laughs!


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